domingo, julho 08, 2007

Tour: Australia in good shape

1. McEwen
2. Hushovd
3. Boonen

Amarela: Cancellara

Bom começo! Boa Volta a todos! Limpinha desta vez?

RTP2: Camisola da colina para um Inglês , diz o comentador. Mauzinho mas com graça.

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Pinus Silvestris disse...

Yes it was amazing what McEwen did. Very strange was that 30 km form the end Cavendish had mechanical problems with his bike and nobody from is equipe was there to help him. Cavendish is normally as fast as Mc Ewen (is a very young sprinter comming from the track... that is the reason you dont know him) Seeing all the cases with doping that made me extemely suspisious. It is simply not normal that Telekom leaves their major sprinter behind. I cant believe they are so disorganized