terça-feira, fevereiro 19, 2008

Soluções adaptativas de sucesso


Living in the wild can be hard. Finding food and staying safe aren't easy. Each day, animals struggle to survive in their habitats.

"Not all animals get by on their own. Some animals form a close partnership with other kinds of animals. These pairings are called symbiotic relationships.

In a symbiotic relationship, the animals depend on each other. One animal helps the other meet its needs. Sounds good, right? Not always. Some animals are not very kind to their partners.

In some cases, one animal meets its needs but hurts its partner. Sounds crazy, but it does happen. Take ticks, for example. These insects guzzle blood to live. To get blood, they attach themselves to other kinds of animals. Ticks do not help their hosts. Instead, they can pass germs that cause disease.

In other relationships, animals don't treat their partners so poorly. Both animals benefit, or get help, from living with the other animal. Check out how animals pair up to survive."

National Geographic

Então não é que este vem aqui condicionar-me e recusa-se a limpar-me os dentes....

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