terça-feira, julho 24, 2007

Vinoukourov out?

And all the others?

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Pinus Silvestris disse...

It is very frustrating to see people distroying there own professian. I wouls like to see Rasmussen (missed checks), Contador and Valverde (Oxygen enriched blood in refrigerator of Dr Dracula Fuentes) also eliminated. Than actual leader would be Cadel Evans. The question is what does he takes beside spinach and Forster beer.
Soon I will only be able to look bicycle racing in TV hidden after a curtain because people will see me as crazy. In India the Tour de France comes on the same channel as where they bring for hours and hours American wrestling. And I think there is where Tour de France belongs to now.... Everybody looks fo a while, nobody takes it serious, it is just a big fun show.