sexta-feira, junho 22, 2007

Angela and the Polish memory

I like her style of running politics, there i can see some "class", very different from our rulers in this small corner. She didn't go into details on the accounts coming from Poland. And we all know how she publicly admitted that period in German History as being a dark period when Germany was led by criminals.
But i was curious and consulted the net: according to a German researcher quoted in Wikipedia, the numbers are different from the allied propaganda about the deaths roll of WW II. If we consider just the German military deaths we come to over 5 million. Weren't they victims of a criminal regime as well*?
She has class as she knows well she will never gain from comparing numbers: Germany started WW II and that fact cant be changed. But the conclusions driven by Poland from those morbid calculations as an argument to claim more votes in European institutions have no class, show poor diplomatics and poor taste. And they forget the German role in building the EU we presently have.

*Let me make my point clearly on this matter: I consider Salazar regime as fully responsible for the deaths in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea during the colonial war from 1961 through 1974 : from both sides of course, all thepeople who died there, were the victims of the dark regime we had here under Salazar-Caetano.

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Pinus Silvestris disse...

Yes you are perfectly right. But now also Belgian has is claims. In the war between Ambiorix and Julius Cesar we last almost 10.000 braves Belgians, also later in De Slag der Gulden Sporen another 10.000 night killed by villain French army people ... and than in the Tranches of Ypres another 10.000 ... we need at least 10 more votes !!!

But serious , the mistake was to integrate more and more countries into the EU, countries not prepared nor stable enough to be real partners, now we have the salad and still no common language. I think we should return to a real EU, with Danmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium (Lux), France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.... that is all. Let the Norvegian have their oil field alone, the Swedisch their kroere, the English their Isle and all the Slavian their own Wodka.

Melissa Officinalis disse...

Ye i think so, but still nobody is trying to make them drinking beer :-)
But you are right is getting a salad, with too many countries trying to keep one foot in and one foot out :-)