quinta-feira, maio 31, 2007

too tired to write anything

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Pinus Silvestris disse...

I can imagine, now the the ministery of education in Portugal forcing you to overtimes not usual in regular companies and forgetting that education implements also the exhausting confrontations with not always well-behaving teenager. Additionally in the very late evening or in the rest of the so-called free time you can feel free to make the correction work.

melissa officinalis disse...

That work has always been a load, in every country. But now absolute craziness is happening. Full qualified teachers are kept waiting endless hours in a room full of other teachers, just waiting if a replacement is necessary!!! Even if it is the last course of the day, 16 year old kids and older, even full adult citizens 18 or older are kept as prisoners with a replacement teacher. Doing what? The ministry doesn't care as long as an activity is there and they are closed in the classroom. The activity can be sudoku or any proper game, anything as long as they all OBEY, teachers and students