quinta-feira, março 08, 2007

Women's day

Women's day is not Valentine's day, it actually is a memorial for the women that died fighting for their rights. It is a feast day in countries where justice is assured, rights and opportunities are equal. It is a day of fight against regimes where women are still considered inferior, have fewer rights or none at all.
A history page made by women: http://www.un.org/events/women/iwd/2005/history.html

Where have women been taking by full right some relatively well paid positions ? In public education and health care, because selection of staff for those services has been made by national contest, rules have been tighter and contest results more transparent, and is a well known fact that very often women have better school results than men. However, high management in government organization is mainly occupied by men: they have the referees, they have the visibility, they are involved in politics, and they make the laws. Portuguese state decided to dismiss 75000 state employees. Government has the plan to withdraw from education and health care, delivering progressively hospitals and schools or assigning their management to the private sector, putting an end to the national and open contest as selection procedure. Who will be selected in the future is an important issue but now the question of knowing who will be dismissed is much more dramatic. The bad professionals will be dismissed, not the good ones, government says, meanwhile teachers unions had to fight last week to make the decision makers of this country (socialists) not to consider pregnancy leave as a negative point in the evaluation of professional performance . This is just a drop from the top of the iceberg , this is just one symptom of the wide recovering of wild capitalism in Europe, a process that aims to destroy the welfare state and eventually the very sense of human rights, forcing most women and men to accept the role they had in early stages of industrial revolution !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pinus Silvestris disse...

Yes you are right, let a new more social party solve things. I really have the impression that the relatively new people in power are playing games with the new achieved and very seducing power , to start some social experiments. Up to now each countie I lived in always kept the people who swored on the state as untouchable in their employement status. If this now without any pre- warning has to change, just because a former teacher came to power , with the will to give teacher a hard time (and reduce mis-use of advantages, which might be the few cases) than this is for sure illegal and all actions should be taken against it

melissa officinalis disse...

Yes, the minister of education hates secondary level teachers and i dont know why, maybe one gave her or her kid a hard time, but the 2 state secretaries (male ) are even worse than she is,and all three have insulted seriously a whole highly qualified professional class . Question is: who are these people? Who makes their evaluation individually?